5 Ways to Welcome Back Shaytan


5.    Make a “welcome back” sign

Signs are awesome! They’re easy to read and prove to Shaytan that you have extra time on your hands that he can help fill with stuff to do.

4.    Introduce Him To Your Friends

Shaytan just came back and he might not know some of your friends. Don’t let him feel left out, make sure to invite your friends whenever you and him hang out and do stuff so that he can meet more people.

3.    Have a to-do list for the next 11 months

Shaytan is only here for 11 months of the year so you need to make the best of these months. Since Shaytan is already on his way back, you should get to jotting down all the things you wish you could’ve done during Ramadan.

2.    Play it cool

You’ve been waiting a whole month for Shaytan to show up.We get it, you might be nervous when he comes back after so long but the most important thing is to be your non-Ramadan self.

1.    Promise that things will go back to the way they were
Shaytan’s been there for you before. He’s seen you be committed and then every time Ramadan rolls around, you leave him and change who you are. That type of relationship is hard, so promises and commitments go a long way.