Man Threatening To Marry Second Wife Ends Up With No Wives, New Dog


Al-Gameedy and RumRum


by Yahya Radwan

(5:00 PM PST)–San Francisco, CA–

Sources close to Amr Al-Gameedy have confirmed that his threat to marry a second wife during an argument with his wife Lamia Rizq has backfired spectacularly.  According to neighbors, the thirty-five-year-old software engineer was heard making the threat on Thursday evening following a long discussion about whether he could seamlessly switch to a career as a professional chef.

“I could hear him talking about how Alyssa down at the grocery store understood his passion for fine dining and I knew it would go downhill from there,” reported neighbor Randy Burke, adding that he has had Amr’s cooking and considers it “not poisonous.”

Several neighbors reported Lamia Rizq’s prolonged absence from the family home and the arrival of a new labrador puppy following the incident. Al-Gameedy was also seen unloading several state-of-the-art pots, pans, and cooking utensils into the home.

Mr. Al-Gameedy was not immediately available for comment.


Yahya Ridwan is a staff writer for The Hummus. He can be contacted at hello(at)the hummusnews(dot)com