Prince Al-Waleed Sentenced to 36 Virgins

By: Ryadh Madroos, Saudi Arabia Correspondent
Saudi businessman and billionaire, Al-Waleed bin Talal, has been sentenced to 36 virgins after being charged with corruption against the government. The ruling comes after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the arrests of anyone engaging in bribery or corruption that is not part of the royal family.
“After the long detention at the Ritz Carlton where Al-Waleed was held before trial, we are very happy with this ruling,” said the Saudi prosecution. “It’s a punishment that extends into the hereafter. In the event that Prince Al-Waleed becomes a martyr his number of virgins will be reduced by half.”
Prince Al-Waleed commented after the proceeding “Having only 36 virgins is not as bad as the room service at the Ritz. I’ve been punished twice for the same crime and my lawyers will be pursuing appeals on these grounds.”