Top 5 Female Underground Saudi Street Racers

Editorial— December 28th, 2013

The annual Sister Blister Street Race is set to kick off this weekend in Dhurma, Saudi Arabia. Featuring some of the best female street racers in Saudi Arabia, the Sister Blister Street Race has been known to draw in as many as 30 spectators on occasion.

The competitors have been named and subsequently jailed ahead of the upcoming competition for “conspiracy to drive”, but the organizers of the event have assured the 25-30 expected spectators that the race will move forward as planned.

With all the hype this event has drawn, we have decided to compile a list of the best street racers, all of whom will be featured at the upcoming Sister Blister Street Race.

5. Safaa Hadi


Safaa is a newcomer to the competition and to this list. Known for her coy yet confident driving style, she built a name for herself on the amateur circuits. She is the only woman to have won an impressive 6 Lash Evader Medals at the Gulf Regionals. Safaa initially struggled with the transition from Amateur to Professional Underground racing, but has recently come into her own with a 3rd place finish last Spring in the Veiled Fiesta 500. There is a lot to look forward to in Safaa’s career.

4. Moiza Baheera


Moiza is a household name for the 4-5 households that follow Saudi female street racing. Moiza first made a name for herself when she gave the famous “Main Street Drive Pledge” in 2009, for which she was arrested under suspicion of “inciting female driving.” After that, the public couldn’t get enough of her. She was instrumental in forming the first underground driving event in Riyadh. Moiza has come in 3rd and 5th place at previous Sister Blister events. Moiza’s feisty personality and “go-get-it” attitude are what make her a real threat this year in USFSR.

3. Maryam Lebneh


There is only one word to describe Maryam: rebel. Maryam has been arrested 15 times by various authorities within Saudi Arabia for her flagrant violation of the no-driving law. On one occasion, a video of her flipping the bird while ghost-riding her father’s Camry went viral, turning her into a celebrity over night in the underground street racing scene. But although her rebellion makes her the competitor that she is, it can also lead to some problematic moments. Last year Maryam finished in 2nd place at the Sister Blister Street Race. Witnesses say that she started a fight with the winner, Amal Bisoora, which eventually sent them both to the hospital, where they were both arrested for driving. Despite this incident, Maryam has vowed to come back more calm and collected to win it all, and we believe that she very well could.

2. Sahar Mujeed


She may not look the part, but Sahar is the foremost technician at this event this year. She is by far the most seasoned and accomplished of the women on this list, eclipsing all significant records in the underground female racing world by a wide margin. Her career started off relatively modest, but she quickly developed into a silent killer, demonstrating amazing tact and technical mastery in her driving. Despite all this, some analysts have pointed to her age a reason to be concerned about future performances. Over the past 3 years, her international ranking has slipped by at least 5 spots each year. Despite this hiccup in her career, Sahar’s trainer has provided the media and the public with reasons to be optimistic about Sahar’s performance this year.

1. Amal Bisoora


Amal with her trainer, Jean-pierre, after her victory in the Veiled Fiesta 500 last Spring.

What is there to say about Amal? The reigning champion of both the Veiled Fiesta 500 and the Sister Blister Street Race, Amal is a force to be reckoned with. She currently tops the international rankings and there is reason to believe she won’t be going away anytime soon. Amal has proven to be a surprising combination of tact, strength, and vision on the streets. She has been the recipient of the Ta3meyah Racer Award for the last 4 years and counting. The award is given to those who have proven their superiority in street racing. Amal is the clear favorite to win it all this year as well. Buckle up folks, this is bound to be a good one!