US Fighter Jets Drop 200 Cans of Pepsi Over West Mosul


By Yahya Ridwan

(Washington D.C. 5 P.M. EST)–The United States Air Force escalated its campaign against ISIS early Monday morning by dropping 200 Pepsi Cans over ISIS-occupied Western Mosul.

The attack on ISIS signifies the first of what the Trump administration has indicated would be many similar “deterrent efforts” in the coming months.
A Spokesman for the Air Force unit responsible for the barrage of refreshing beverages described Monday’s effort as a “clear message that the United States is prepared to intensify the battle against ISIS and its fighters.”
At press time, Sean Spicer refused to rule out the use of chemical weapons. “The president understands that use of Monster Energy drinks may motivate an international response,” said Spicer. “All options are on the table.”
The Trump administration has also announced that Kendall Jenner will serve as special envoy to Mosul going forward. “The president believes that Ms. Jenner is uniquely qualified to serve in this role based on her recent accomplishments in domestic diplomacy,” said Spicer.