Company Generously Treats Employees to Free Lunches for Entire Holy Month


By Yahya Ridwan

(San Jose, CA–8:30 AM PST)–Citing a renewed effort to unite their workforce, well-established semiconductor BayLine, Inc. has announced an entire month of free, professionally-catered lunch for the entire office. The innovative San Francisco based firm announced its “Lunch4Longevity” program at a press conference in May.

“BayLine seeks to disrupt industries in need of a spark, not the collegiality of our employees,” said spokesperson Sarah Holsher. “In the spirit of our unconventional style, the program commenced in the middle of the month–on May 28th, 2017–and will continue through the completion of the lunar month.”

BayLine also stated that it’s direct goal is to foster an inclusive environment for all members of its community, especially religious and ethnic minorities within its ranks.

The company announced that in light of its generous campaign, the day immediately following the completion of the campaign will require mandatory attendance at a “unity conference.”

“We are going the distance here; this isn’t a gimmick. Everyone of our work force will have to be at the unity conference, no exceptions.”