New “iBribe” App Makes Waves In Middle Eastern Tech Market

Ajman, UAE (8:00 A.M. GMT)— The Middle-Eastern tech world is buzzing about a new app designed to connect government officials directly with their constituents more effectively this morning.


The new app, iBribe, allows users to arrange meetings directly with their local, regional, or state representatives personally and regarding issues that concern them. The innovative technology is being hailed as a break-through by analysts and government officials. Mostly government officials, though. Chief of Police for Ajman, Khaled Rahman, went even further, calling the app “a new kind of national hero” and “the future of democracy.”

The app comes with a “search” feature, which allows you to locate the government official who you intend to hold a “private patriot” meeting with. The meeting is arranged in a secret and undisclosed location “to respect the privacy of the user.”, according to Rahman. The app also features a “report future patriots” button, designed to allow current users to report the names, occupations, and addresses of  friends and acquaintances who do not use the app, “for purely statistical reasons”, according to UAE 4-Star general Abbas Hafiz.

iBribe‘s success in the Middle-East surpasses that of other popular Arab-based apps, including Snabshat and Poke Mon: Kuwaiti. Several national governments have jumped on board, sponsoring iBribe workshops and meet-n-greets. “We think it’s every citizen’s right to know how to reach us”, said Tunis City Council member Jamil Saleh.